Male to Male Paddling

Nicholas Leoni is called back for a second hard spank from Jeff Sterne. Sterne gives Nicholas the special hand treatment and breaks out the punishing leather paddle.

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Male to Male Flogging

Toby’s ordeal has been painful and degrading, but we’re about to step it up a notch. Adam drags in Toby’s mate Luke, the lanky thug who’d been standing by watching him try to rob us. On seeing his mate naked, Toby averts his eyes, embarrassed at both his own predicament and that he will now have to witness Luke’s.
I make the sullen lads apologise for trying to rob us. Then I give them both a choice – who will wear the nipple clamps? Toby nobly volunteers, but his dumb mate doesn’t return the favour. Sadly for both boys though, it’s a trick choice – both of them will have clamps on – joining them together by the nipples!

But where’s the fun in two naked thugs just standing there? That’s not going to hurt them enough. Dave and I pick up our floggers. Time to make these dickheads dance.
Chained together by their nipples, the boys soon realise that they’re going to have to co-operate. No matter how much the flogger hurts, any movement from either of them results in absolute agony from the tugging of the nipple clamps. Luke can’t control his dancing around, with Dave’s vicious lashes all overĀ  his arse, and each time the howling lad pulls away from Toby, it’s Toby’s clamps that are painfully ripped off.

Dave and I laugh as we pit the two thickos against one another. I tell Toby to get his revenge on his stupid mate, by pulling off his nipple clamps with his mouth. But we’re certainly not on Toby’s side – after clamping pegs all over his nipples, cock and balls, we hand Luke a flogger and order him to get Toby back by whipping all the pegs off. Luke soon finds out that trying to go easy on Toby just means it’ll take even longer, so the reluctant whipping he administers gets harder and harder, as Toby wails in misery, the pegs flying everywhere.

We shove both boys to their hands and knees, their arses up close. I wave a huge double ended dildo under Toby’s frightened face – he knows what’s coming. And the quivering boy can’t do a thing about it. As I press the first inch of the massive cock into his tight little arsehole, Toby gasps in pain, his teeth clenched. I shove the dildo further in, inch by relentless inch, until it’s buried so deep in Toby’s guts that he can barely breathe any more.

Having witnessed his mate being violated by the beastly double ender, Luke cowers as we spread his arse cheeks, but there’s no getting away. I thrust the large rubber dick deep into Luke’s arse, and make him crawl backwards until he’s well and truly impaled on the cock, attached to Toby. With a couple of strokes of the cane, we order the boys to fuck one another. The unhappy lads rock back and forth, the dildo ramming in and out of each of their sore arses, with every movement of their own causing agony at the other end.

With the threat of Dave’s brandished cane looming over them, the two boys miserably fuck each other until I yank the dildo out of their arses and point out how dirty they both are, with their unwashed little street urchin holes. Time for Toby to clean up his disgusting mate. I make Toby stick out his tongue and lick Luke’s arse clean, shoving his head between the cheeks as Toby winces in disgust.
But of course, Toby isn’t trying hard enough, so we tie his collar to Luke’s balls, trapping his face deep down into Luke’s smelly hole. Toby has no choice but to service Luke’s hairy arsehole, breathing in the bitter aroma whether he likes it or not. But Toby’s own arse isn’t getting off that easily – these stupid fuckers need to be attached by arse and mouth in every direction. I shove an anal hook up Toby’s arsehole, and tie it to Luke’s head, trapping Toby into position and ensuring his head stays down if he doesn’t want his arse ripped up.

Toby’s now in utter hell, his mouth full of hairy, shitty arsehole, his arse stretched painfully by the steel hook, shivering on all fours. But he’s not quite unhappy enough for our liking – he can still just about manage to breathe. Dave’s not having any of that. The sadistic top unzips and jets a stream of stinking hot urine all over Toby’s face and head, and as the piss rolls down Luke’s arse, to Toby’s mouth, Toby clamps his mouth even tighter onto his mate’s hole, to avoid the taste of the disgusting piss. With the warm piss rapidly making him even colder, leaking down to mingle with the taste of arse in his mouth, Toby must think it can’t get any worse. He’s wrong.

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Whipping Male Slave

It’s 3pm, on one of London’s grimmest industrial estates. The area is notorious for trouble, with gangs of tough young thugs hanging around on every street corner. These bored yobs gather in packs, peering out from under caps and hoods, ready to mug any sucker who looks like easy prey.

But Dave and I are prepared for anything. We wander the streets with a map, feigning confusion as we spot some rough looking lads eyeing us up from behind a wall.
One of the boys breaks away from his mates, strides towards us, a blade in his hand. There’s shouting. We back away, and the boy comes closer… his eyes wide and young below his low-slung hat.

We drop our wallets on the ground, and the stupid lad falls for the trick, bending to pick it up. Dave strikes instantly, slamming his fist into the boy, knocking him out and throwing him to the ground. I swiftly tie him up and drag him into a warehouse. Dave takes care of the remaining thug, since their cowardly pal has long since legged it.

Bound spread eagled by his arms and legs, the young chav is completely helpless. He can’t move an inch as I run my lecherous hands all over his body, before slicing off his top and ripping open his tracksuit bottoms and pants, exposing his naked cock.

Toby hangs his head in shame as I freely grab at his dick, tugging on it lustfully, before moving up to pinch his firm pink nipples. “Fuck off! You pervy cunt!” the angry boy spits, but this just makes things worse for him – his rudeness needs to be punished.
I gag him with several layers of duct tape and attack his smooth, muscular body with my flogger, lashing the writhing boy over and over again until his chest is glowing. I move behind Toby, and thrash the shit out of his arse with the whip, even swinging it hard between his legs to give his tender cock and balls a few sharp stings. All Toby can do is grunt in agony through the tape gag.

To compound the boy’s humiliation, I put weighted clamps on his delicate ears, laughing as he moans helplessly at his new, even more painful predicament. I distract him by mauling his dick till it’s rigid in my hand, enjoying his utter shame at a dirty old man giving him a hardon.

As soon as I ungag him, Toby’s begging for me to stop, apologising over and over again for mugging me. I shut him up again by wrapping a rope around his neck, and hanging a heavy sandbag off it, yanking his head up and making sure he has to concentrate on breathing, not begging.

Without ceremony, I ram my finger up his tight little virgin arse. That hole is so clenched, I almost can’t pull my finger out again. But out it must come, because this little urchin needs to be fucked.
With every gasp and whimper from Toby making my erection even harder, I slam my dick deep into his arsehole, and begin fucking him hard and fast, without mercy. No matter how much Toby sobs in agony, tears rolling down his face, I don’t give a shit – my pleasure comes first. This straight lad’s arsehole will never be the same again after I’ve finished with it.

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Male spanked with a paddle

Keegan is a small town boy from Texas with a normally rough exterior. Renaldo wants to see what this happens when he’s at the end of a paddle. As we’ve learned before Renaldo is not a gentle disciplinarian. A few hard swats with his hand alone does a good amount of damage to the twink’s rear, but he doesn’t stop there. He takes a hard wooden paddle to the cherry red boy butt causing Keegan to cringe in pain. The farm boy doesn’t look so tough on his back with his legs together and up in the air getting spanked. With his ass enflamed and throbbing, Keegan slams the door on his way out of the office, relieved, but angry to be humiliated.

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Male to Male Spanking

tononline male to male spanking

Male to male spanking at home by Bad boy Ton

mm spanking ton online

Male to Male Spanking – Download FULL HD Video Now

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Adult male spanking and caning

adult male spanking

I don`t think anything reddens a boy`s ass more than a good hard caning. Check out that tight ass in blue boxer briefs. It will soon be a mass of welts and bruises. Yes, he is ready to cane that fine ass until it is a mass of red and welts. As the rod whistles down the boy tenses his muscles prepared for the thin rod to leave a line and the pain that will come shortly afterwards. After his caning is finished this boy weeps in both pleasure and pain from the extreme ass caning that he has had, and tenderly tries to put his underwear on.

adult male caning

boy spanking and caning

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